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Smart tradeshow – how it works:

Thanks to the latest smart badge technology, you will receive an intelligent visitor badge when you enter the trade show. This allows visitors and exhibitors to exchange contact data and information digitally via TOUCH & COLLECT.

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A smart badge is an intelligent visitor badge. It enables visitors and exhibitors to exchange contact data and information contactlessly and digitally.
As soon as you touch an exhibitor’s reader at the booth with your smart badge, you digitally collect information. At the end of your visit day, you will receive an email from Easyfairs. This contains your trade show summary: a list of all exhibitors whose reader you have touched. All the data that these exhibitors have uploaded in their online profile can now be easily accessed using individual links. By touching the reader, you simultaneously tell the exhibitor in question that you are interested in their products and that they may contact you. So a digital exchange of business cards is taking place.
Simply enter your contact details as part of the visitor registration process. Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address correctly. This is a basic requirement so that we can send you detailed information about “your” exhibitors at the end of the trade fair day.
Your personal data, which you provide during registration, will not be passed on by Easyfairs. We only use it to inform you about current and possibly future events of our own. This data is only transmitted to exhibitors if you touch the exhibitor’s reader with your visitor badge or have registered via an exhibitor’s invitation code or link. By doing so, you signal to us and the exhibitor that you are interested in the exhibitor receiving your data for contact purposes. If you do not wish to do so, please do not touch any reader with your badge or use one of the opt-out options afterwards. Easyfairs takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. For more details, please take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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