Startup area

Discover young, innovative companies and startups from the intralogistics sector at LOGISTICS & AUTOMATION Dortmund and look forward to exciting presentations on the latest products and ideas.
NIMMSTA is the manufacturer of the world's industrial smart watch and enables freehand workflows that make all intralogistics processes up to 50% more efficient. The NIMMSTA HS 50 is 3 in 1: a smart watch, an industrial scanner and an e-paper touch display.
ForkOn is a logistics company with core competencies in intralogistics and process optimization. We provide companies with the necessary infrastructure to shape their digital future and get the most out of their most important asset: Data. Our ForkX software analyzes forklift data and supports fleet management with recommended actions for implementation. The data, master data and optionally also real-time data, which our IoT device ForkLink1 reads directly from the vehicle, is analyzed and visually prepared for the customer. The goal is to help our customers identify problems in their fleet that they didn't even know existed. With the help of our data analysis, we increase forklift efficiency by reducing fleet costs by up to 25%.
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TradeLink is a collaboration platform for warehouses and production sites where you can flexibly set your capacities and seamlessly connect with all your suppliers, customers and carriers. TradeLink's vision is a world of frictionless supply chain collaboration. We address the biggest problem facing global supply chains: lack of visibility from sourcing to warehouse and from sales to delivery. We provide a collaboration platform for warehouses and manufacturing facilities to seamlessly connect with all their suppliers, customers and carriers to coordinate planned shipments. TradeLink has been optimized with the real user in mind and is a leader in simplicity and ease of use. We believe that the simplest solution produces the smartest supply chains.
Motion-Mining® is an automatic recording method of manual work processes using sensors and AI. The data collected in this way can be used in a variety of ways. Process analyses, which are often still carried out using a clipboard and stopwatch, can be realized faster, easier and with a valid data set. The focus is on increasing efficiency and identifying ergonomic risks. The recorded data can be carefully evaluated and analyzed - according to your individual wishes and requirements.